Electronic system in Motorcycle that can’t be avoid

Electronic system is the main part of motorcycle but most of people always avoid them so we want to share about knowledge of electronic system in motorcycle that can make your motorcycle has much more life cycle , Stable electric system , Easy for Starting , good acceleration, etc.

Electric motorcycle system has 3 main part
1. Battery
2. Spark plug
3. Charging System

1. Battery

Battery is helping electric system in motorcycle for Keep Capacity of Volt Amp. To make a user can starting the engine and use electric power for Light, Horn , electronic system.

Maintenance method

  • Check at terminal of battery
  • Check water of battery make sure water fill in maximum
  • Before ride the bike check all the signal sign Light

  • 2. Spark plug

    When your motorcycle hardly to Starts sometime cause of Spark Plug so please take care and check spark plug

    The way to check Spark Plug

  • Abnormal spark plug will have black dent
  • Spark plug in normal condition There will be gray stains on the tip of the insulator, at the end of the insulator, the power plug has little wear out

  • 3. Charging System

    For checking Charging system by using Voltmeter join with terminal of battery if your battery declare as 6 V. when you measure them they should not lower that 6 v. but if your number is up more than 7.6 V. it’s may be have some cell inside of the battery have damage.

    Reference www.checkraka.com